A pearl is a hard and glistening object produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled oyster.  The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth but formed under accidental conditions in the wild.  Because of this, pearls have become a metaphor for something rare, admirable and valuable.  Many references are made to pearls in the Bible.

Oyster Ministries is an organisation founded by Johann and Annalena Theron that offers workshops and one-on-one guidance to live contemplatively and realise your God-given potential.

Oyster Ministries

We specialize in the following ministries

Spiritual Direction

Johann and Annalena are both trained spiritual directors in the contemplative spirituality .They are available on a one on one basis to assist believers in Spiritual Direction.

Spiritual Formation

This is about a personal encounter with God to experience skills to live with Him, grow spiritually, recognise our woundedness and to enter the process of healing.

Disciple making

Jesus’s time table for His public ministry was only three years. He launched a movement that would radically change the world. So He chose disciple making.

From success to significance

A stage in life where you want to pursue significance in stead of success.

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Financial support

The ministry is operated on faith based principles and dependent on voluntary donors who believe in our vision.

Project leader:
Mr Ritz de la Batt
Email: ritz@vdslegal.co.za

FHBC, Wellington
Email: info@fhbc.co.za

Donations can be made to:
Visarend Trust, ABSA Paarl.
Branch code 632005
Account number : 922 799 6908