It happens very often that we as Christians only take part in good church rituals – practice religion – but our characters don’t always grow to resemble the life of Jesus. We are satisfied that we have repented and are going to heaven after this life. The important question however is: “What happens before you die?”  Do we grow in hearing His voice? Do we grow in intimacy with Him?  Do the fruit of the Spirit become more visible because of my friendship with Jesus and the Spirit?

 Many of us work diligently for God – but we don’t become new people ourselves. We focus only on the doing-functions, but neglect the being-functions.  Jesus criticized the Pharisees for “cleaning the outside of the cup” but the inside stays untouched – dirty.

 Spiritual Formation is the answer.

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Financial support

The ministry is operated on faith based principles and dependent on voluntary donors who believe in our vision.

Project leader:
Mr Ritz de la Batt

FHBC, Wellington

Donations can be made to:
Visarend Trust, ABSA Paarl.
Branch code 632005
Account number : 922 799 6908